Our Story

We started making tasty and good for you breakfasts 15 years ago in the kitchen at home, and while we now have a slightly bigger oven, the core that drives us is the same. We want to make amazing food that changes what people eat, and enjoy ourselves as a team along the way.

We make all our good food in New Zealand, using a combination of local and specialised ingredients. We have expanded our range to muesli, cereal, granola, bircher, oats and even grain-free nut based recipes.

We're proud to be on the breakfast table in New Zealand, Australia, Singapore, China and even further afield. You can even enjoy Vogel’s in the air with breakfasts on Air New Zealand as well.

We love coming up with new ideas –  low sugar, to FODMAP friendly, to just plain delicious combinations of fruit, nuts and seeds. Keep watching for new recipes and new ideas from Smartfoods.

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